About the school

Dear Visitor,

We welcome you on the website of Bornemissza Gergely Secondary Vocational and Trade School, where you can find the latest events and moments from the life of our school.

The website is updated continuously according to daily, weekly, monthly and annual events.

Our school’s 130-year-old history of industrial training means a continuation of tradition and constant renewal. Among our pedagogical goals there are the education for value-added work, constant renewal and honor. So our most skillful pupils can have a good start to their higher studies.

Our colleagues are all student-centered, using teaching methods which can provide an opportunity to develop a successful career.

With the companies we formed a partnership which enhances our students’ practical training, and, after the completion, their successful career.

In our educational system we train vocational students on architecture, engineer and transport branches and trade students on architecture, wood industry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, light industry and transport branches.

Features of our institution’s training system allow interoperability within the different school types. After a successful professional exam there is opportunity for students to pass a matura exam as well. Their prior knowledge and skills can also be converted into the system of adult education to get further professions.

Our students’ hostel creates opportunity to obtain a useful profession for those students who arrive from farther distances by offering free accommodation.

Quality education can be provided by our competent and well-trained colleagues and modern educational equipment.

On our website we present the numerous opportunities in our daily events of school life.

I wish all our visitors useful information, and, in case of any interest a successful visit or study in our institution.