English – On the Way to a Better School

Egri SZC Bornemissza Gergely Secondary Technical and Vocational School has been involved in staff mobility of Erasmus+ KA1 projects since 2014.
In our school there are a lot of students with disadventages and early shool leaving is a progblem as well.
Our main goal was methodological reformation. With the help of above mentioned activities we are working on reducing early school leaving. Our aim is to reach and sustain long-term results.

According to our development plan our main areas to be improved were:
- learning new teaching methods,
- learning new ICT tools in education and
- increasing participants’ use of English in courses and getting familiar with the international literature.
It is important for us to be renewed in all parts of our secondary school so besides the teachers our school’ psychologist and our librarian also applied for courses. We believe that the complex renewal is the most effective.

According to the needs of our institution we applied for the following courses where 7 collegues were participated:
- Structured Educational Visit to Schools/Institutes & Training Seminar in Iceland Team Building for School: Play and fun, Building Educators Communities (participant: History and geography teacher)
- Social Media in the Classroom (participant: History and developer teacher)
- Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence and Bullying Prevention (participant: History teacher and librarian)
- Smart Education Resources: Adopting Mobile Devices and Adapting Strategies (participant: Mathematics and art teacher)
- Inclusive Education: Tackling with Classroom Diversity and Early School Leaving (participant: Mathematics and German language teacher)
- Team building for school: play and fun, building educators’ communities (participant: Hungarian language and literature teacher)
- Neuroeducation and Coaching (participant: School psychologist)

The knowledge gained in the various courses by the teachers of our school were handed over demonstration lessons and workshops to other members of the teaching staff. As a Base Institution all inquisitive teachers in Heves County can benefit from our new methods. With great emphasis on dissemination we created a methodological collection as well.

Impacts on the participants:
Short-term impacts: gaining experience in Erasmus+ projects, meeting new people and culture, relationship with foreign colleagues,
Mid-term impact: incorporating and transferring acquired knowledge to colleagues in demonstration lessons and workshops.
Long-term impact: significant professional development, more efficient and enthusiastic work, better performance, career development, greater self-confidence and participation in other Erasmus+ project, greater commitment to institutional goals.

Impacts on our institution:
Short-term impacts: raising the awareness of colleagues and students about the importance of language learning through personal experiences. As a result of reports students’ needs for language learning, studying foreign cultures, travelling to foreign countries got risen. The participants, who are formteachers, held presentations about their experiences for their classes.
Mid-term impacts: the gained knowledge’s integration and transfer. The participants held demonstration lessons and workshops where other collegues could learn new methods which they integrated into their lessons (for example: ICT techniques, webpages, digital learning materials, group forming methods, teambuilding, emotional intelligence development.
Long-term impacts: our school education got more exciting and modern by new methods and the attractiveness of the school will increase. Its judgment will be expected to be better at local and regional level. Our institution can become more popular in career choices among eighth graders through international relations and projects. Cooperation got better between our school and external training places.

Impacts on the target group:
Short-term impacts: as a result of the participants’ reports the students got motivated to learn languages and they formed a need to get to know new cultures, travelling to foreign countries. In November 2019 a group of our students participated in a 6 weeks traineeship by Erasmus+ project.
Mid-term impacts: because of the colourful and more interesting, exciting lessons the omission of the lessons will be reduced and students will be more motivated and their interest will be grown.
Long-term impacts: as a result of our renewed education, we hope to reduce the number of early school leavers. Children got more empathetic, work in groups easier and leave our institution with marketable language skills. Because of it their labour market value increased. The prestige of learning grows, so our students acquire a vocational qualification certificate and after it they will be ready to learn for the Matura exam for another two years.