Our training In consideration of our school’s training and according to the Law of General Education it is a multipurpose institution. It is a complex school for students between the ages of 14-22: a secondary technical school, a vocational school and a students’ hostel. Since its foundation the general profile of our school has been the trade education. Considering the social, economical and cultural background of its students the school supports underprivileged children in the training and gives scope for their abilities to become up-to-date trade workers on the changeable labour market. Our aim is to teach such technicians who can use their knowledge, abilities and skills to become honoured employees. Our institution is one of the most dominant institutions in the region because of our technical, material and human bases which accumulated in the more than 130-year old school which cooperates with important industrial centres of the region.

Technical faculties:
Name: Required qualifications: Workshop:
Car mechanic 12 grade In school
Electrical fitter Maturity exam In school
Car technician Car mechanic In school
Construction technician Maturity exam In school
Turner 10 grade In school
Metallurgic locksmith 10 grade In school
Electrician 10 grade In school
Ladies’ tailor 10 grade In school
Central heating fitter 10 grade In school
Plumber 10 grade In school
Welder 10grade In school
Body ironer 10 grade In school
Carpenter 10 grade In school
Tiler 10 grade In school
Painter, decorator 10 grade In school
Bricklayer 10 grade In school
Cabinet maker 10 grade In school
Joiner 10 grade In school

 Our practical training

-          full time training in the training shops -          at firms and factories -          with student contracts -          at self-employers with student contracts Developing possibilities:

-by tender

It can be money or instrument.

-by firms’ support

 Our training shops

- car mechanic and electrical fitter / motor mechanic, electrician/
- central training shop: -mechanical engineering / welder, turner/
                                    – electronics / electrician/
                                    – light industry / ladies’ tailor/
- building industry and wood industry / joiner, bricklayer, painter, tiler/