Ongoing projects:

CREA – Comenius international English-language School Partnership Project

2012 – 2014

Our ongoing Comenius programme is called CREA (Creativity – Respect – Education – Activity), which tries to integrate creativity, respect, education and activity into school materials.

The aim is to work out methodological materials together with the partner schools’ students, which can then be incorporated in the curricula of the given institutions. Typically, the materials should be innovative, technological, environmental project products, which facilitate the integration of the sustainable development into the educational process – it is scheduled to claim and develop for some mathematical – scientific and also digital competencies. Also, its aim is to achieve the development of teacher competencies appropriate to European standards during various workshops.

CREA projekt – opening meeting, Eger – 2012. október 17-19.

Comenius CREA projektmeeting in Portugal – 2013.02.27 – 03.03.

Comenius CREA projektmeeting, Paese, Italy – 2013. május 07-11.

Comenius CREA projektmeeting, Slovenia – 2013. október 16-20.

Comenius CREA projekttalálkozó, Szlovákia – 2014. március 12-15.

Comenius CREA projekttalálkozó Isztambul, Törökország – 2014. május 14-18.

Downloadable project products

Completed projects:

SENTSUDER - Comenius international English-language School Partnership Project
2008 – 2010

13 schools from 10 countries participated in the 2008-2010 Supporting Entrepreneurship in Schools and Sustainable Development in EU Regions in brief: SENTSUDER, which was implemented in an international English-language Comenius School Partnership project.

The students of our school, the Bornemissza Gregory Vocational, Technical School and College with the students of the three Italian, two Portuguese, a Spanish, a Slovak, a Lithuanian, a Polish, a Cypriot, a Danish, a German schools made presentations on topics of “Historical Routes” and “Sustainable Development” and presented their work on international meetings according to the two-year project program. The working language of the project was English.

Its aim was for students to become more collaborative and to become familiar with the historical past of each other and to discover the future possibilities during common thinking.

SENTSUDER 2009, Lipcse – 2009. március 25-29.

Comenius találkozó Dániában – 2009. május 13.

Comenius SENTSUDER projekttalálkozó
Léva – 2009. november 5–7.

SENTSUDER 2010, Tenerife – 2010. április 14-18.

Projekt záró találkozó Mogliano Veneto – Paese, Olaszország – 2010. május 22–25.