The Leonardo project 2013

The Leonardo project 2013

The class 2/10/ spent two successful weeks in Münster, Germany, with the leadership of, Mrs. Fábián and Mrs. Dorkó. The students were on partnership from August 17 till September 1 fulfilled with the Leonardo project at the  Munster Chamber of Crafts.

For the 12 students who would like to be CNC operators, the Mobility project gave the opportunity to be  able to fulfil their internship abroad.

The European Union provided the travelling fees and the accommodation. After a preparatory course they started their 25- hour trip from Eger to Münster.

In the first week students had dealt with programming techniques and then practiced welding.

It was a great pleasure for them to program the welder robot.

In the afternoons and at weekends they went sightseeing with a tour bus, they sailed on the river Aase, visited the local zoo and the Science Museum.

Management Director of the Chamber of Crafts also welcomed them. From our school headmaster Mr. Tamas Uzelman and deputy-headmaster Mrs. Ágnes Szabó Bózsó visited the group.

The German trainers evaluated the students’ performance, and it was a great pleasure for them that every student reached at least 80%.

They met with employees of the Munster Chamber of Crafts, their internship and their language practice ended with the best results and contributed significantly to the Hungarian-German friendship and practical experience and language skills increase.

We are very grateful and we thank all of those who help us to make it possible that the Leonardo Mobility project could be accomplished.

Megnyertük az “Egész életen át tartó tanulás” program Leonardo da Vinci mobilitási alprogram részvételét

Készülődés Münsterbe – 2013.augusztus

Hazatértek forgácsolóink a münsteri gyakorlatról – 2013. szeptember